ABCD in the Media

12th April 2021

Read this letter in the Irish Examiner

29th March 2021

Gerry Boland speaks with Keith Finnegan on live exports and the Suez Canal Blockage. Interview starts at 1.15 in..

1st March 2021

Read Gerry Boland’s letter to the Irish Times

20th February 2021

Seamus Gallagher & Christina Connolly co-hosts of Kinvara Reporting program,on Kinvara Community Radio Station 92.4FM, are delighted to welcome Gerry Boland founder & manager of Animals Behind Closed Doors, to talk about his campaign on their program on Saturday 20th February, 2021…. Listen HERE

16th February 2021

Ed Graham from the ICSA and Gerry Boland from animal rights organisation ‘Animals Behind Closed Doors’ spoke to Joe Finnegan on Tuesday’s JF Show about live exports. Listen HERE

11nd February 2021

Visit the Irish Examiner’s Letter Page and scroll down to find Gerry Boland’s letter highlighting the fundamental problem with the government’s new Animal Welfare Strategy.

2nd February 2021

Gerry Boland speaks about the issues around Factory Farming with George Mulcahy of Near90.3fm. He explains why he set up this organization and what he hopes to achieve. They also discuss the very relevant topic of virus transmission!

Listen HERE to the interview

20 January 2021

In a wide ranging interview on Tip Mid West Radio Gerry Boland explains the reasons he established Animals Behind Closed Doors. The discussion explores why factory farming is a threat to animals, to human health, and to the planet we live on.

Listen to the interview HERE

14 January 2021

Listen HERE to an interview with Gerry Boland on Lucan Live. They discuss Veganuary…going Vegan in January! (Interview starts at 22 minutes in)

14 January 2021

Listen Here to a Radio Interview with Gerry Boland

14 January 2021

Read Gerry Boland’s letter to the Irish Times here

See Media Archive Page for more letters and interviews with Gerry