Environmental Problems

Factory farming is a major contributor to global warming as it releases enormous quantities of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Livestock farming (this includes all animal farming, not just factory farmed) accounts for around 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Incredibly, this is more than the global transport sector releases…

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Human Health

The vast majority of dietary and nutritional professionals today advocate a diet low in meat and high in vegetables, grains and fruit.

The huge increase in the consumption of meat and animal-derived products (milk, cream, yoghurt, cheese, eggs) has led to a very significant rise in the incidence of diseases such as…

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Animal Rights

Why should animals have rights? They can’t vote. They can’t form unions or other pressure groups.

They have no religion and few morals that we know of. They don’t learn the violin, or go to ballet classes, or host dinner parties. Their reasoning powers are pretty basic. So why give them rights?…

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