Live Exports to Libya

A new livestock vessel left Waterford for Turkey two days ago. Recently, the vessel ‘Sarah’ left for Libya with around 2,000 young bulls and another shipment is due to go to Libya this month….

It will take 10 days for the Shorthorn Express to get to Turkey so please send a tweet each day giving a countdown. Today day 2, tomorrow day 3, etc. Include what points you want from the below but make sure you include Day 2, Day 3 etc so people know how long the poor animals have been at sea. The amount of characters you can use is limited on Twitter but you can create a thread by replying to your own tweet to get all the information in. Keep each tweet quite short but include all the tags and hashtags.

Post each day between 12:00 – 14:00 if possible (not today obviously) If you can’t then just post whenever you can.

2,000 bulls are being shipped to Turkey, 10 days at sea breathing in ammonia and slipping in their own waste. Many will become ill and injured on the way, some may die. They will all face a barbaric slaughter.

Today – 2nd day at sea for 2,000 scared bulls on the way to Turkey, a country with little animal welfare legislation plus include what points you want from the above.

Tomorrow is day 3 so put something like 2000 young bulls on the way to Turkey, 3rd day at sea, how many have respiratory illness already? or how many are already sick or injured? How many have slipped in their own waste and injured themselves? Include what points you want from above.

Day 4 – 4th day at sea for 2,000 young bulls going to Turkey etc. Etc etc up to the day the animals arrive. Look out for another post here when we get to day 9 because often the arrival date changes. Make sure you include #BanLiveExport and tag all those below at the end of the tweet/post. Do the tags first and then #BanLiveExport at the end. You can tag others and add other hashtags to reach a wider audience but make sure you include the below.

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