Transport & Live export…What You Can Do….

Speak out against live exports. Use your voice. Express your opinion. Talk to your family. Talk to your friends. Put a STOP LIVE EXPORTS sticker on your car.

Get in touch with the Minister for Agriculture and explain why you wish to see the live export trade stopped. Lobby your local political representatives. Ring them up. Email them. Call to see them at their weekly clinic. Be polite, be insistent, be passionate. Don’t let them fob you off. Use your social media platforms to share posts from animal rights organisations.

If there are animals being exported from a port near where you live, find out if there is a local campaign against it. If there is, get involved. If there isn’t, why don’t you get a campaign going? Surveys show that a large majority of people do not support the live export trade.
Write a letter to the national or local papers, expressing your views. Always be reasonable in your tone, but also be strong and passionate. There is nothing wrong with feeling passionate about such a serious injustice.

Finally, be resolute and be strong. The animals have no voice (or none that we can hear). Let your compassionate, passionate voice be theirs!