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We all learn nursery rhymes at school. Many are about animals. Pigs talk to sheep. Cows talk to hens. Dogs make friends with cats. Ducks make friends with donkeys and foxes. All the animals are happy. The humans, too. No animals are sent to the slaughterhouse in nursery rhymes. No animals get eaten.

Then, we grow up.

We leave our nursery rhymes behind. We decide to ignore, consciously or unconsciously, what we do to animals. We lock them up, we torture them, we boil them, we roast them, we fry them, we cut them up into little pieces and we gobble them down.


Because we like the taste.

And because we can.

There is no other reason.

The nursery rhymes were a silly, childish myth. We are grownups now and we can do what we like to animals.

This Is Factory Farming...

  • pigs, chickens, hens, rabbits, geese, other animals, too, living out their entire lives in windowless sheds in a crowded and stressful environment, growing at a phenomenal rate that is unnatural and unhealthy

  • animals fed a concoction of drugs, including antibiotics, to prevent the spread of disease, yet still suffering from a wide range of illnesses

  • animals roughly handled and cargoed to a factory that will slaughter them mercilessly and, not infrequently, inefficiently

This Is Factory Farming...

. . . where the greatest exploitation and abuse of animals occurs worldwide. It is a monster out of control, causing horrific suffering to tens of billions of animals every year, creating serious water shortage and pollution problems, contributing significantly to global warming, and because of its excessive use of animal and crop feed, is a major contributor towards global food poverty.

This Is Factory Farming...

... it must be ended – and you can help to bring it about



Animals are sentient beings, with a central nervous system and a capacity to feel pain. They experience a wide range of emotions: joy, sadness, anxiety, stress, fear, etc. They are complex emotional beings, with specific behavioural traits and needs. They deserve to be treated with respect, and respect for the dignity and the essence of their lives is fundamental to the animal rights position.


Factory farming is a major contributor to global warming as it releases enormous quantities of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Vast tracts of forests are cleared annually in order to create land to grow crops that are fed to animals, and to create the land on which to raise animals. Waste produced and released by factory farms is a major cause of river and lake pollution.


Bringing Factory Farming Into The Open.

"One day, the absurdity of the almost universal human belief in the slavery of other animals will be palpable.

We shall then have discovered our souls and become worthier of sharing this planet with them."

|| Martin Luther King, Jr.||

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If you want to dive even deeper into the subject of factory farming, our blog is the right source.

In our fast changing world there is always some new shocking event that needs to be discussed or a new law passed.

These animals, alive when you started reading this, will all be dead by the time you

get to the end:


90 pigs (gassed)

180 cows

340 sheep

280 goats

360 rabbits

29,000 chickens

1.7 million fish (wild-caught and farmed).


This is industrial-scale killing and is a dark-blood stain on humanity. Every single one of these animals is an individual, with its own unique DNA, its own unique personality.

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“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil


for good men

to do nothing.” 

||John Stuart Mill||

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