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The Truth About Factory Farming

Pig Farming


1,484,492,843 pigs

were slaughtered

in 2018

406,710 every day

16,946 every hour

282 every minute

4.7 every second


Poultry Farming

Wild chickens cover a lot of ground during the day. 


The vast majority of the

50 billion chickens

reared each year for their eggs and for their flesh never see the light of day. Their lives could not be further removed from that of their wild cousins.


Leather, Fur, Wool

Most of the billions of animals who are killed for

their skin, wool, feathers, or fur are raised on factory farms.

All live brief and brutal lives of daily suffering.

All are slaughtered young, often inefficiently and savagely.


Dairy Cows

globally there are

300 million cows


has the largest number of dairy cows

with 58 million

EU is the largest 

milk producer


Fish Farming

Up to 3 trillion fish (farmed and wild-caught) are killed each year for food.


8,219,178,082 every day

342,465,753 every hour

5,707,762 every minute

95,129 every second


Live Export 


Over 2 million animals are exported live out of the EU each year.

They are sent to

countries where they receive no legal protection at the time of slaughter. Many face

agonising, drawn out slaughter.

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