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Be the change you want to see in the world.

Get involved.


The really great news is that there is a vegan food revolution taking place right now. There is no excuse any more for any food establishment to say, ‘Sorry, we don’t have any vegan dishes’.

Don’t accept it. Tell them they need to play catch-up, and quick, or they’ll be left behind. Then walk out and find a restaurant that can cater for your needs.

your choices

Stop eating factory-farmed animals and animal by-products today.

Better still, stop eating animals. If that seems like too big a leap, start by cutting out any animal product that comes from factory farming.


‘Does your produce come from a factory farm?’

You are entitled to know exactly where your food comes from and how it is produced. Every time you go shopping for food, or every time you eat out, ask if the meat, the eggs, the cheese, etc. comes from a factory farm. If the answer is ambiguous, don’t buy. If the answer is ‘None of our produce is factory-farmed’, ask to see proof.

Visit our LINKS page to get into volunteer work. 

Join an organisation that is pushing for an end to factory farming. Connecting with other like-minded people is rewarding, as is the heart-warming experience of volunteering.


Sign any online petitions that you come across. Petitions might seem pointless, but if they are well organised and are appropriately targeted, they can have an effect. Remember, every little you can do is better than doing nothing. Signing a petition won't stop factory farming but every voice and action counts.

Think of it that way!

Email the Minister for Agriculture

with a variation of this message:


‘Dear Minister

I don’t approve of factory farming. I never buy meat that comes from a factory-

farmed animal. It’s incredibly cruel to keep animals in crowded, windowless sheds for their entire lives. We wouldn’t lock our dog or our cat up for their entire lives in an environment where they can’t act out any of their natural behaviours, so why do we think we can keep a pig or a chicken this way? Please, Minister, do what you can to put a stop to this inhumane method of raising farm animals.’

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