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Media Appearances

We use our voice to bring factory farming into the open.

Here are our most recent media appearances.

10th February 2022

Another great interview on Kerry Radio with Gerry Boland talking about Cruelty to Animals in The Meat Industry.


19th January 2022

Read Gerry’s letter in the Independent on the global impact of intensive farming.

16th December 2021

In Gerry’s interview on Shannonside he urges people not to eat Turkey or meat this Christmas. Listen HERE

16th November 2021

Gerry Boland an animal rights campaigner from Roscommon and Frank Brady a Monaghan pig farmer debated pig husbandry with Joe Finnegan on the JF Show. Listen HERE

1st November 2021

The reasons for going vegan have been well established over the last decade but how easy is it to transition from a carnivore diet to a plant based one? Joining Kieran to discuss this on Word Vegan Day is the Founder and Spokesperson of Animals Behind Closed Doors, Gerry Boland as well as Vegan based Chef and Author, Holly White. Listen HERE

1st November 2021

It’s world vegan day… Click HERE (scroll down to the 3rd letter)to read the full letter from Gerry in the Irish Examiner. 

4th October 2021

Gerry gives a brief snapshot of factory farming in Ireland and explains why we should not be farming animals this way. Listen HERE

11th August 2021

Factory farming must end if we want to reduce emissions

Gerry’s letters are published in the Irish Times and Irish Independent today. Scroll down the page to read the letters.
Irish Times Letter
Irish Independent Letter

6th July 2021

On NEAR90.3fm Gerry discusses the EU Commission decision to legislate to end the cage age, plus he talks about how a plant-based diet can reduce the chances of another pandemic. LISTEN HERE

21st of June 2021

Liveline devoted their entire programme  to a discussion about the killing of the family of wild boar in Kerry last week, which evolved in the course of the show to incorporate lengthy discussions about factory farming.

Listen to Gerry Boland speaking at 43 minutes into the discussion.

11th of June 2021

Letters to the Editor: Less talk, more action on animal welfare. Scroll down to read the full letter here.

6th May 2021

Gerry Boland speaks on Newstalk Radio regarding banning Livestock Exports. New Zealand has banned live exports…

Should Ireland follow suit..? 

To listen to the podcast click on this link

3rd May 2021

The role of Zoos. Read more here

1st of March 2021

Factory Farming and Global Health. Read more here

20th February 2021

@Seamus Gallagher & @Christina Connolly co-hosts of Kinvara Reporting program,on@Kinvara Community Radio Station 92.4FM, are delighted to welcome Gerry Boland founder & manager of Animals Behind Closed Doors, to talk about his campaign on their program on Saturday 20th February, 2021.

14th of January 2021

Gerry Boland on Lucan Live. They discuss Veganuary…going Vegan in January! (Interview starts at 22 minutes in).

Listen HERE

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