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Most Recent Media Appearances

What's So Bad About Dairy?

The Life of a Chicken

The Life of a Chicken is So Horrendous, It's a Blessing That They Are Slaughtered Before They Reach 40 Days

If meat tastes so great, why do people become vegan?

In this wide-ranging discussion, Gerry explains how he made the journey from meat-eater to veganism, why people who care about animals should leave animals off their plate, and how challenging it will be to move people away from eating animals in the absence of visionary leadership and guidance from government and government bodies.

Why 99% of pigs' tails are cut off at birth

Gerry talks to NEAR FM presenter, Emma Farrell about pig farming and other issues related to factory farming. Very interesting and informative discussion.

A vegan Christmas

Gerry discusses the topic of a vegan Christmas with Joe Finnegan of Shannonside Northern Sound FM.

The Puck Fair Committee, The Goat, and the view of Animals Behind Closed Doors

Interview with Kieran Cuddihy on Tuesday 18th July, 2023

Stop Eating Animals and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Immediately

Gerry explains how dramatically reducing your meat intake, or better still giving up eating animals entirely, can lower immediately and significantly your carbon footprint.

Climate & Health Report

Gerry discusses this groundbreaking report with Chairman of the Irish Cattle and Sheep Association, Eddie Punch.

The Farm Show With Tom And Daniel Long ( 22 - 03 - 2023 )

Conversation starts 18 minutes in.

Flat-Faced Dogs: Should Crufts Ban Them?


Should Restaurants Be Obliged To Serve Vegans?

TIPP FM - 8th March 2023

The Animal Welfare Lie

The interview starts 13.20 minutes in.

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