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Most Recent Media Appearances

What is Veganuary and why should you try it?

TIPP FM 3rd January 2023

A Vegan Christmas

SHANNONSIDE 20th December 2022

Leave Turkeys Off Your Plate This Christmas

LIVELINE 14th December 2022

The Dark Side of Dairy

Calves Found Dead on Limerick Farm

More Puck Fair Goat and Factory Farming

More Puck Fair & Factory Farming - Interview starts at 37.00 minutes

Connecting The Dots : Puck Fair and Factory Farming

Puck Fair and Factory Farming: connecting the dots ...

The Problem with the Dairy Industry

Male Calves and other atrocities happening right now in the Dairy Industry

Should Animals Have Rights?

Cambridge Centre for Animal Law is running a course in Animal Rights Law

Avian Flu

A conversation on Castlebar Community Radio about avian flu and the role that factory farming plays in the spread of this deadly disease

Cracking Open The Egg Industry

A conversation on Ocean FM on the egg industry and the enormously negative impact all aspects of the industry has on each individual bird.

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